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Mid-season auditions for Spring 2020 are ongoing through Jan 14th.

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Please see below for more information on our auditions process.

Auditions Checklist

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Fill out the Cántico Audition Form

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Come prepared.

Auditions are 15 minutes. Prepare a short selection to perform unaccompanied that complements your vocal style.

(i.e. hymn, aria, lied, folk song, etc.) We'll also ask you to run through a few vocal exercises to demonstrate your vocal range, sight-sing a few short passages, and sing back a few short note combinations to test your tonal memory.

You will be evaluated on:
Vocal Tone
Tonal Memory

Show us what you've got.

We are looking for singers with choral experience, good sight-reading skills, a good sense of pitch, precise tuning, smooth and flexible legato line, and an even/controlled vibrato (or no vibrato).

However, we have many types of singers from different musical backgrounds, who may or may not have all those skills. The most important factor is a passion for music, a commitment to choir and the ability to collaborate with a group.


We're excited for you to join us!

Check our Events page for information on upcoming performances!