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Join us for our spring concert on Friday, May 17th!

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Choral music from Bach to the Beatles

Making choral music accessible for the Pacific Northwest

Sing with us.

Are you an experienced choral singer? Do you want to sing a variety of music at a high performance level? Audition to become part of the group.


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We depend on donations from supporters like you!

Captivating choral music in a variety of genres.


From old classics to modern iterations, we mix the familiar with the unusual, the popular with the ancient, and the profound with light-hearted fun. . We're rooted in a wide range of musical backgrounds.

classical vocal vocals choir singer music
jazz vocals vocal coir singer music
broadway vocals vocal choir singer music
folk vocals vocal choir singer music

Bring music to you.

We are available for 2024 booking and would be honored to perform for your private event. Contact us today--we'd love to hear from you!

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More than a decade of vibrant choral music.

Here's to many more to come.

Cántico Singers has been making choral music in Portland, Oregon since 2008. Your contribution supports our mission of bringing excellent choral music to the greater Portland community for years to come.

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